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Custom dice


Do you need unusual, unique, personalised dice created especially for you?

You're in the right place!

Q WORKSHOP will be happy to manufacture original and beautiful dice for you.

We make custom dice for:

→ all kinds of tabletop games and other types of games

→ conventions / gaming events

→ promotional gifts

→ wedding favors

→ unique Christmas / birthday / engagement presents

→ and basically any other special occasion!

To learn more about how the finest custom dice may look like, take a look at the photos above.

What we need to give you the pricing:

1. Quantity of the dice

If you do not know it exactly please give us the estimation. We need to know the approximate quantity, as there is a huge difference for pricing between 50 and 5000 pieces.

2. Type and size of dice

See the chart below:

3. Your color choice

See the chart below:

4. Design:

- adjusting your graphic design to our manufacturing requirements is free of charge (vector file preferred),

- simple designs (numbers, signs, simple symbols) based on a picture, sketch or description provided can be made free of charge,

- preparing a complicated design from scratch will be subject of additional fee. 

5. Time frame (if any)

Estimated production time frames are presented in the next section of the website.

6. Where are you from?

The country of billing and shipping is important to us to estimate the shipping costs. Other costs, such as custom fees, may apply as well.

7. Currency you wish to use (USD, EUR, GBP, PLN)


Time frame for custom orders:



few pieces

2-3 weeks

serial run

small batch

50-499 identical pieces 3-4 months

serial run

large batch

500-5000 identical pieces 1.5-2 months

serial run

large batch

5000 identical pieces or more

depends on the project details and quantity,

usually 2 months or more

  • We start counting production time once the final design is accepted and we have the payment confirmed.
  • All our dice are engraved, not printed. We offer only solid background colors. (No multicolor dice are possible).
  • We do not make precision dice, i.e. perfectly balanced dice. Due to the intricacy of design, some imperfections in balance are allowed.

When you are working on your project, please bear in mind that:

  • For technical reasons we cannot paint the die properly, if a surface is too big. If you have an artwork that includes such a surface, please consider adding an additional ornament or filling it with small pattern. For visual example of such pattern see our Dwarven dice: http://q-workshop.com/p/278/2748/white-black-dwarven-dice-set-.html
  • For legal reasons we cannot make any dice that include a graphic motive used in any game that you are neither the author, producer, nor editor of, i.e. you do not own the copyright.pricing

The pricing includes:

  • adjusting your design to the production requirements
  • dice production
  • painting in one color
  • final selection and finishing

The price does not include the shipping cost.

ATTENTION: Each design is priced separately. If you want to order 200 dice, out of which 100 are different in design that the other 100, we will present you the pricing for 2 x 100 dice, not for two hundred. Please always inform how many different designs, and how many different color schemes does the project invoive.

Additional services with extra charge:

  • creating your dice project from scratch
  • painting in two or more colors
  • production of a sample

If you like our dice designs, but you would prefer to have them in different colors

please contact us as well. Please just also bear in mind that if you dream for example about Dwarven dice in pink-black version, our production minimum is 3 sets. They don’t have to be from the same design, but the colors must be identical (so please add pink-black Elven dice set and pink-black Runic dice set to your Dwarven one). The price for such a set will be double our standard retail price. Bear in mind that not all of our sets can be color-customized.


If you would like to place an order or you still didn't find the information you were looking for, contact our custom dice team at customdice@q-workshop.com

or fill out the form below:

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